A Long Walk

‘A Long Walk’ by Jill Scott from my final exam. Played by Soular with help from Alex Schildhauer, Karo Fruhner and Rachel Scharnberg.

New beginnings

It’s been a while again. I graduated from ArtEZ in june with the best final exam concert I could have hoped for. I’ve put up some videos of the evening. I’m glad that I could graduate together with so many friends of mine, it has been a fitting end to my four years in Arnhem!

Finishing my studies also meant moving on. I’m now living in Cologne, although I’ll be in Arnhem and the Netherlands often to continue work there. The move has been great, I love the change of scenery and I’m currently working on finding more work as a teacher and player in the Cologne area.

Also, check out my first foray into beatmaking, along with Daan Leever as ‘5 Bars Collective’!

I’m head over heels in my preparations for my final exam, and also, my technical exam right now. The feeling is becoming more and more obvious that I’m approaching the end of my chapter here at school in Arnhem (although I’m sure I’ll be back plenty of times). My final exam date is already set, I’ll present my concert on June 20 at 9 pm and I’ll be playing with three of my bands that have kept me company over the years here at school: TTRio, my jazz trio with Tom Hermens and Teun Creemers, and also Soular and Hands on Deck. I’m really looking forward to it!

We’re pretty busy with booking in all my bands, some dates have been updated, and we’re still looking for some more chances to play. Hands on Deck keeps on going strong, and we’ll finish recording some amazing tracks at Cube Audio this march. Soular is also ready to play by now, our set continues growing, and I’m currently mixing the songs for our first EP.