Here’s a new song from the upcoming SOUL:AR EP that I wrote. We recorded it live in March of this year in an amazing location. Check it out!

I’m currently playing with a lot of new artists. Joining Nanko‘s band after recording his first EP back in 2013, and also starting to play a few gig with Woody Pitney, who’s signed a deal with Universal here in Germany. There should be more dates coming soon, as I’m getting a lot busier recently. So overall, great news!

Some fun I had in the studio back in May with NankoSoul. We’re currently busy recording his first full length LP.

Performing with the Markus Frank Trio back in June. Had a really nice evening at Markus’ Final Exam!

A quick update

I’ve redesigned this site and made it look a little nicer. Hope you enjoy! :) Some new dates have also been added.

Footage with Frau KARO live at Loft (Köln) for her release concert.